• Photography for the Re-Launch of Charge Bikes

    Photography for the Re-Launch of Charge Bikes
  • For the Launch of RESERVE WHEELS

    For the Launch of RESERVE WHEELS
  • For the Launch of RESERVE WHEELS

    For the Launch of RESERVE WHEELS
  • The Blue Wall

    The Blue Wall

    I've always liked to have a loose, informal photo series ongoing in relation to my home. Back in Santa Cruz I did a long running series of photos of friends who stopped by my house on their bikes (I lived near a busy bike route and people would just drop in on their way to one place or another). Those photos were all made in front of my garage. About a year ago I got a new apartment in Los Angeles, and it's blue! The light is usually harsh, but I just liked the simplicity of the wall as a backdrop. So for the past year I've photographed friends and neighbors on the Blue Wall. I usually shoot with a Nikon 35ti I have loaded and laying around. It's limiting and I like that. These photos aren't about formal approach to photography, but they are a satisfying and brief moment of connection with some people I care about. This photo is of Jordan, who visited from Toronto with her husband and long time friend of mine (and filmmaking peer) Christian Huizenga.

  • Design Within Reach spot for Loll Designs

    Director: Vernor
    DP: Amado Stachenfeld
    Color: Brennan Barsell
    Score: Talknumeric/Kevin O'Connor
    Production: DWR

  • Design Within Reach spot for Tuuci Shade

    Director: Vernor
    DP: Kenny Sule
    Color: Brennan Barsell
    Score: Analog People
    Production: DWR

  • Design Within Reach spot for the EOS Collection

    Director: Vernor
    DP: Amado Stachenfeld
    Color: Brennan Barsell
    Score: Talknumeric/Kevin O'Connor
    Production: DWR

  • Burned Lines for Patagonia.

    Burned Lines for Patagonia.
  • Steve Gunn at Zebulon

    Steve Gunn at Zebulon

    Most of my music photography has been purely personal, with a few editorial assignments mixed in. Going out to shows and shooting casually has let me experiment and see the music in my own way. That process is rewarding in its own right, but it also contributes to film ideas, both in visual concepts and directing approach. I'm interested now in putting a lot of these ideas together into a project with music. We'll see where that goes...

  • Hello, is it me you're looking for?

    Hello, is it me you're looking for?

    Recent BTS shot of me double camera slinging by my collaborator and friend, Brian Larson.

  • Not the State Bird of California

    Not the State Bird of California

    For me the Red Tail Hawk is the state bird. I've seen more red tail hawk's in my life than any other bird. Well, that's not a scientific proof, but I've seen a lot of them. I definitely want to be one in another life.

  • EF Education First Pro Cycling: Logan Owen and Cyclocross

    Cyclocross is the best. Logan Owen is one of the best. Great to be back in the sloppy, muddy, Pacific Northwest to make this short film for EF Education First Pro Cycling.

  • Zoe Schack, Editor at Final Cut

    Zoe Schack, Editor at Final Cut

    Longtime friend, and filmmaking peer, Zoe Schack, got the big career bump to Editor at Final Cut.

  • 15 Years Ago, My First Film

    It took three years to make Pure Sweet Hell. It was painful, fun, frustrating, hopeless, and it set me down the path of making films to this day. This is the full film, just now online for the first time. PSH Premiered in December 2004, and the DVD release was in 2005, distributed by now defunct VAS Entertainment. I still love cyclocross, and every year I go to a few races to shoot photos, if not also pin on a number and turn a few laps.

  • L'Etape Du Tour de France

    Here's a video project I directed for Zwift . These riders took on the ride of their lives in the mountains of France. The Alps are magical and I can't wait to go back someday.

  • Midnight Half Film with OSR, Trimble Racing and Nike NYC

    This was my third time at the Midnight Half, the Orchard Street Runners and Trimble racing collaboration, and now legendary underground running race in New York City. It was great to have support from Nike NYC this time as we were able to make a nice little film about the event and the scene which supports it. I love NYC, and this whole film is a celebration of the characters and spaces that make it so unique.

    Featuring Caitlin Philips, Ash Gilbertson, Kim Rodrigues, and the city of New York.

    My right hand man, cinematographer Mike Sassano.
    Score by Analog People
    Design by Jonah Birns

  • CicLAvia, my favorite day in Los Angeles, for Bicycling Magazine

    CicLAvia, my favorite day in Los Angeles, for Bicycling Magazine

    Full story online here:
    Bicycling Magazine

  • Two Features

    Two Features

    I've spent nearly twenty years getting to know Rick Hunter. It was only this year I felt I could write my own story about him. Above is the opening spread from the feature just published by Freehub Mag.

    Also, for BIKE I worked on a story for an entire year, following Los Angeles artist Cache, around the city and all over California on trails. This one was penned by Brice Minnigh.

    Do yourself a favor and subscribe to one or both of these magazines.

  • Launching WEST Skincare

    Launching WEST Skincare

    Based on personal work I'd been sharing on instagram, WEST Skincare asked me to help with an overall look and feel for their newly launching brand. I worked closely with WEST over a six month period to build a deep pool of images articulating the spirit of the brand. I incorporated elements of my personal work I'd been making on road trips around the Western US--sometimes more magical thinking than traditional landscape representation. Over many conversations during wind battered camping trips in the desert we came up with a tone for for the non-product photography. When WEST finally had finished product to photograph I also jumped in and helped art direct and execute the photography. It is always nice working with people who want me to use the breadth of my skills in a project.

  • NYC Shoot for GIRO

    NYC Shoot for GIRO

    I've worked with GIRO for the past 11years. It's great having a long relationship with a consistent team, and where everyone has a lot of trust in each other's work. This shoot came about because I was going to be in NYC for a post-production on an unrelated motion project, and I was able to add a couple days to my stay to produce this shoot. I hired local talent, and a local videographer, and I was able to deliver both still and motion assets to GIRO.